The Perfect Outerwear for Women

The Perfect Outerwear for Women

Are you ready to layer up and cozy up with a jacket from Blue Sky Co.? We are! It’s about that time of year, anyway. We’re entering cooler months, cold mornings, and even then- we work in chilly atmospheres! So let’s find the perfect outerwear for you. You’ll find several options on our website, but we’ve narrowed it down to three (for now):

Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

This Cameron Thermal Knit jacket is ultra comfortable; it’s made of 100% polyester! It’s moisture-wicking to keep you comfy all shift long, and is certainly breathable and movable, too! It has two bottom security pockets and is absolutely perfect for layering. Enjoy sporting this jacket to work, or when you hit the road! Either way, you’ll be cozy.

Olive Debshire Softshell Jacket

The Olive Debshire softshell jacket is perfect for wearing out in the woods or while treading the hallways! It’s dark olive shade and signature “b,” on the chest will have you drooling over this jacket. It’s wind and water-resistant, OR compliant, and has two zippered pockets. Wear it over a baselayer with your scrub top and you’ll be so warm!

Haddington Softshell Jacket

Finally, we have our Haddington Softshell jacket. It’s the perfect staple for your outerwear wardrobe! Why? Because you can mix and match your scrub outfits with all sorts of color options, and it has a microfleece lining that you know will keep you warm! This jacket looks sleek and professional. Enjoy wearing it to work!

Get ready to suit up and get out there and brave the cold in one of our soft-shell jackets for women! We hope you’ve found a favorite among these three examples, but don’t fret if you haven’t. There’s plenty where that came from! You just have to log onto our website to see.