The Perfect Hairstyles to Fit Your Scrub Cap

Are you out to buy a new scrub cap but not sure what type to choose? Well isn’t that exciting process! What type of hairstyle do you sport, and which scrub cap is suitable for you? Well,

we’re about to find out; stay tur

ned to learn all about our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps. Because what’s more to love in medical attire than medical clothing from Blue Sky Co.?

The Poppy

What’s our first cap? First, we’ll cover the Poppy scrub cap! The Poppy scrub cap is perfect for any type of hairstyle! It suits long hair, medium hair length, or short hair. It keeps your hair secure and out of the way, so you can stay as productive as possible- without those irritating flyaways!

The Pixie

If you have shorter hair, the Pixie scrub cap is what you want to shop for. It’s suitable for pixie hairstyles! It’s available in dozens of different prints and patterns, all for your pleasure! We’re sure you’ll love them! Just log onto our website today to view them, as well as the rest of our stunning collection!

The Pony

Another cap that’s perfect for long hair, is Blue Sky’s Pony scrub cap. It’s best for holding your ponytail securely in place. Finally, you won’t have to fight it all day long during your shift! And yes- you saw the patterns, and you can choose any one of them for your brand new Pony scrub cap!

Blue Sky Co. strives to make a difference when it comes to medical attire. Gone are the days of oversized, uncomfortable, stifling scrubs! Enter the days of comfortable, durable, and stylish medical uniforms! That’s what we have to offer, and that’s what we’re committed to making. We hope you enjoy our collection of scrub caps, scrubs, and other accessories!