The Origins of Blue Sky Co.

The Origins of Blue Sky Co.

Everyone loves a good story. Have you ever inquired about Blue Sky Co.’s beginnings? Well, do we have a great story for you. Stay tuned to learn how this company began, grew, and now flourishes.

A Simple Scrub Cap

Yep, she kept it that simple at first, just scrub caps. We’re talking about Shelby here, Blue Sky’s creator. Shelby began sewing customized scrub caps from scrap fabric in her living room. She soon started to share them with coworkers. Eventually, Shelby moved on to create medical scrubs! We’re so proud of her journey.

What it’s Become

Now, we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our product, and we believe by now, we’ve succeeded. Now, we offer medical scrubs, lab coats, jackets, vests, and even accessories like scarves! Are you looking to stay warm this winter, or while at work? We have the perfect essentials for weathering the season.

But when it comes to scrub caps, it gets really elaborate. You can tell that’s where we began and where we’ve spent our time. First, we have the Pixie scrub cap which suits shorter hairstyles. Next, our Pony scrub cap will securely hold your ponytail out of your way while you work. And lastly, we have our most versatile cap yet: the Poppy. It supports all hair styles.

And yes, there are men’s caps, and disposable caps too, if that’s what you need! But of course, these scrub caps are so similar to their parent caps that you might want to dispose of them!

We love storytime, and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing Blue Sky Co.’s beginnings with you! Now, if you’re looking for a great shopping trip to upgrade your medical wardrobe, visit our website and do some lurking… you’re bound to find the essentials, and beyond!