The Most Convenient Place to Hold Everyday Medical Tools

The Most Convenient Place to Hold Everyday Medical Tools

So you have a busy schedule, a busy job, and a lot of gadgets to carry with you on said job. Don’t worry, we have a solution! If you’re in the  medical industry and you’re looking for medical scrubs that have adequate pocket space, you’ve come to the perfect place: Blue Sky Co. Here, our medical scrubs have the perfect amount of space, and can even be customized- just in case you need different pocket placement or extra pockets. Because who doesn’t love extra pockets?

Classic Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

On the tops of classic Shelby and David scrubs, you’ll find one chest utility pocket. It’s perfect for holding a prescription pad or a stethoscope! On the bottoms, we’ve placed two lower pockets that offer you even more space for your personal items- or a place to warm your chilly hands, even! And as always, if you need different placement, we offer the option to customize your scrubs; we want them to fit you to a T!  If our customers aren’t pleased, we aren’t, either.

Luxe Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

Lab coats from Blue Sky Co. definitely something to brag about- and not just for their pocket space. They have three pockets: one placed on the chest, and two on the lower section of the coat. That’s plenty of space! Pair these coats with a set of scrubs and you’ll double your pocket space. We know- we have great ideas!

So you see? It’s easy to hold all of your medical tools when you choose scrubs from  Blue Sky Scrubs ! Our scrubs were made for you. They’re soft, comfortable, durable, and even stylish! Go with Blue Sky Co., and you won’t regret it. Our products are top-the-line-amazing!