The Many Benefits of Your Scrub Outfit

The Many Benefits of Your Scrub Outfit

Scrubs are no longer bland and boring these days- or at least, they don’t have to be! They now come in many different shapes, styles, colors, and patterns, even! Especially at Blue Sky Co., where we even offer customization of scrub orders, so we can design them just the way you like. And with that, we’d like to discuss your favorite part of your scrub outfit. With so many different elements going into the picture, how does one even begin to choose?

Colors and Patterns

If Navy’s and Sky Blue’s aren’t your thing, we won’t tell! We’ll just direct you to these brighter, more cheerful colors: Tigerlily, Crimson Wine, or Marisol Gold! There are plenty others to choose from. Wash your new scrubs in cool water upon receiving them, and the colors will set in, causing your scrubs to look more vibrant and appealing.


Lanyards, scrub caps, and jewelry all are great benefits to wearing scrubs to work. They definitely spice up your outfit, and your routine! Blue Sky Co. offers beautiful beaded lanyards with earrings to match- you’re bound to love them! View the collection here.


Are your pockets your favorite part of your uniform? You’d certainly have reason to feel such a way! Blue Sky’s pockets are plenty spacious, especially on our lab coats- where you’ll find one chest pocket, and two utility pockets on the bottom. Our classic scrubs feature one chest pocket (with fancy stitching!) and two back pockets on the pants.


Another benefit to your medical scrub uniform is the fact that you’re able to customize it to suit your specific preferences. Just log onto our website and navigate your way to the customization page, and choose different styles, colors, inseam lengths, and even pockets!