The Importance of Odor Resistant Stretch Medical Scrubs

If you’re in nursing school or work in a medical setting, there’s no doubt that you’re a hard worker- and that it shows, even if on your clothes! Our scrubs are all too often stained and soiled, but something we don’t talk about too frequently is the fact that Blue Sky scrubs are made with Odor Resistant Technology! This technology helps keep your scrubs smelling fresh and clean all shift long.

Why is Odor Resistant Technology Important?

Odor resistant technology helps your scrubs stay fresh and smelling clean throughout your shift! Our scrubs, unlike many other brands, resist holding onto moisture and other substances they come in contact with, preventing odors and stains like you wouldn’t believe!

Blue Sky Scrubs: The Perks

In addition to having odor resistant technology, our scrubs are also known for having other fantastic features, such as:

4 Way Stretch Scrubs

Our scrubs feature 4 way stretch for ultimate mobility! We know you’re on the go all the time and need to be able to turn corners, bend over, and generally move around at ease. Our scrubs make sure you can do that.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking fabric draws sweat away from the skin and toward the outer layer of the fabric! This is important because it helps you stay comfortable all day long!

Side Slits and Plenty of Pockets

Again, our side slits at the hips of our scrubs help you move around more easily. Our stretch scrubs also feature plenty of pocket space for your gadgets, like your cell phone, stethoscope, keys, and even a secret pocket that’s great for stowing away jewelry while you’re on the clock!

Whether you’re looking to replace your entire medical scrub wardrobe or just one single set, Blue Sky Co. has what you’re searching for! Our scrubs are notorious for their style, comfort, durability, and perks!