The Importance of Line Drying Your Scrubs

We know, your free time is rare and you’re almost always in a rush- a rush to get to work, to get home, to get to sleep. You’ve barely any time for routine things like laundry; frankly, sometimes it’s easier to just drop your scrubs off at the cleaners! But hear us out! Taking the time to properly launder your scrubs (and yes, line dry them) can mean longer lasting favorite scrubwear! How does that sound?

The Importance of Line Drying Scrubs

It’s an unfortunate truth, but the dryer is actually pretty bad for your scrubwear (and your street clothes, for that matter). Why do we say this? Well, the heat can cause damage to your scrubs. The colors may fade, not look as vibrant anymore. And that was your favorite color, wasn’t it? Oops. Now you know that there’s got to be another way to dry your scrubs!

Line drying. It really isn’t so bad once you’re used to the routine, like most things. You’ve seen this before. All you need to do is hang a rope across the room, in a secluded space preferably. Or outside, if you have a backyard or balcony! Pin your scrubs to the clothesline and let the circulating air and sunshine dry them (safely) for you.

Another terrible thing that can happen inside the dryer is abrasion. This happens when clothing rubs against other clothing. Threads may break, fading may occur. It increases wear and tear on your scrubwear. So let’s try to avoid using the dryer and push to use the line we hung, shall we?

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re happy to supply you with the most quality, fabulous scrubwear around! And we’re all about teaching you how to properly care for your scrubs! So remember: after your shopping trip, line dry your brand new scrubs;don’t use the dryer!