The Importance of a Comfortable Work Shoe

When it comes to getting a good workout, almost everyone recognizes the importance of having a comfortable shoe with plenty of support to keep you from hurting your feet, legs, knees and back as you exercise. But many people neglect their bodies at work by not having the same mentality. When you work in the medical industry and you’re on your feet all day, it's more important than ever to have the right kind of shoe on. So we’ve put together this short list of advice on the criteria you should look for when searching for the right work shoes.

Search For Support

As a medical professional, you spend a lot of time on your feet, so finding a shoe with ample support us very important. Whether you’re walking in and out of work or going around to different patients, you’ll want to make sure you have something that feels great on your feet and doesn’t hurt your legs or back. A shoe without proper support will definitely cause more strain through your muscles and will hurt your feet, legs and back.

Protect Your Feet

Just like the bottom of your shoe is important, so is the upside. If the shoe is very soft on top, you could risk hurting your feet if anything were to fall on them at work. Try to find a shoe that’s comfortable but with a little thicker upside around the toes for extra protection.

Lightweight or Heavyweight?

Believe it or not, the weight of your shoes is an important factor as well. A lighter weight shoe isn’t necessarily always the best option. But if you can find a lightweight shoe that has good support, great! But most of the time you’ll want to find a shoe that’s somewhere in between lightweight and heavyweight. Generally, you’ll want to avoid heavy shoes, since they’ll tire your legs out more quickly.

We hope these tips have been helpful when searching for your new pair of nursing shoes. If you need comfortable, luxurious scrubs to go with them, visit the Blue Sky Co. website.