The History of Medical Scrubs and Nursing Scrubs

Who knew that before the 20th century, surgeons operated in their street clothes without even a care? The  history of medical scrubs starts here, and (thankfully) evolves into what we have now: scrub clothing that covers all of the important areas, scrubs that are available in gorgeous patterns and soft materials, and scrubs that impress- enough to want to wear them after work if you’re purchasing from Blue Sky Co. But we’ll save the bragging for after the history lesson!

Where Did it All Begin?

Today we value cleanliness, and in the operating room, or the halls of medical facilities, we strive for it. But before the 20th century this wasn’t the case at all. Like we mentioned before, surgeons performed in their street clothes, and by the end of the day, whoever’s clothes were the most bloody won the “prize,” for the most productive shift. Even gauze was made from the sweepings of cotton mills!

Eventually, as we became more involved with sanitary practices, surgeons began wearing cotton masks to protect themselves from diseases, and also rubber gloves to protect themselves from solutions used to clean operating rooms. Thank goodness.

By the 1940’s, they were wearing drapes and gowns- but still these were insufficient. We didn’t adopt a full on scrub set until the 70’s- took us long enough, right? Scrubs came into the picture in the modern form of a short sleeved v-neck top, and drawstring pants- much like what we wear today. And much like what we offer at Blue Sky Co.!

Luxuriously Impressive Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

Our medical uniforms will impress you from the first time you try them on. They’re made from the finest fabrics around the world, with the perfect blend of cotton and polyester. They’re also created to be wrinkle and fade-resistant, so they should last through many a rigorous shift! Stop by the website today to view our impressive collection of scrubs and accessories!