The Best Ways To Use Retired Old Scrubs

If you’ve recently bought a new pair of super comfortable and luxurious Blue Sky scrubs, then you’re probably thinking of throwing out those old ones that just don’t feel nearly as comfortable. But don’t be hasty! There may still be some good uses for old retired scrubs that you haven’t thought of before. Let’s discuss some of them here.

Bathing Your Pet

We all love our pets, but we know how messy they can be. Especially if you have a dog, you might get dirty, soapy water splashed up onto you when you’re trying to bathe your favorite pet. But your old scrubs make a great solution! Just hop into them before you give your pets a bath and you won’t have to worry!

Cleaning Your Car

Similarly to bathing a pet, washing your car can get your clothes covered in soap, water, and when it comes to a car- grease. This is yet another great excuse for using your old scrubs instead of your good clothes. Still think throwing them out would’ve been a good idea?


This one is even worse for your good clothes than the previous two examples. When it comes to painting, you want to make sure you’re careful not to get anything on your good clothes. Don’t risk it, try on those old scrubs.

House Cleaning

When it's time to do a deep cleaning of your home, don’t risk getting bleach stains, cleaning products or anything else on your regular clothes!

Staying Comfy

Last but not least, sometimes old scrubs are good for more than just getting things splashed on them. If you’re just relaxing at home and trying to stay comfy, try using those old worn-in scrubs. If they’re Blue Sky scrubs, you know they’ll be comfy, and they might even be more comfy after they’ve been worn-in! To see what kind of scrubs we have and order some for yourself today, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.