The Best Snacks to Keep with You During the Day

The Best Snacks to Keep with You During the Day

When preparing for long, exhausting shifts, it’s important to plan ahead by packing the right snacks to keep you moving all day long! Fast foods, desserts, and processed foods will only drain your energy levels and cloud your focus. To keep up the pace, you’ll need foods packed with protein and nutrients! For some guidance, we’ve compiled a brief list of snack ideas that we hope will inspire—and energize—you! 


A green smoothie is a great alternative to a cup of coffee! Find a conveniently-sized blender and each morning, prepare a smoothie alongside your breakfast. Then pack it all up, and take it to work!

If you have a smoothie for breakfast, consider doubling it and bringing along the extra portion. Be sure to consume it by mid to late morning, when it’s still fresh.

Peanut Butter (and Protein in General)

Peanut butter is filling, nutritious, and versatile. You can’t go wrong by keeping a jar of your favorite brand at work. Be sure the ingredients list is short—basically just peanuts (avoid brands that use hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup), and combine to your heart’s content!

It’s great with whole wheat toast or tortilla, English muffins, apple slices, banana, rice cakes, pretzels, etc. - which are all easy to carry with you or quick to stick in your scrub pockets!

Snack Bars

Be careful and read the ingredients lists on these! You’re looking for simple ingredients for less than 200 calories. Lara Bars are a great example of a healthy snack-bar choice. Alternatively, throw together a favorite trail-mix combo and snack on that instead!

At the end of the day, the key to healthy snacking with a busy schedule (like doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals) is to find pocket-sized snacks to carry with you. That way - you don’t have an excuse to go for the vending machine chips or other fast food junk. You can snack on the go, remain professional, efficient, and energized! If you are looking for scrubs online please go to for the most luxurious scrubs in the world.