The Benefits of Color Coded Scrubs

The Benefits of Color Coded Scrubs

On one hand, having a wide variety of colors and patterns is a huge improvement in the scrub world. The downside, however, is that between a busy personal life, and a busier work life, it’s not easy to make decisions.

Many hospitals are now utilizing color-coded scrubs for their medical uniforms. While some people might think this policy limits their options, in reality, color-coded scrubs can actually make our lives more convenient! We’ll help you understand why.


Having only one general color to choose from in your department can make buying scrubs much easier. You don’t have to worry about choosing a pair of “festive,” scrubs for the holidays, or updating your wardrobe with the change of the seasons. Naturally, this becomes a great money saver!


If there’s one thing we love more than saving money, it’s saving time! This is especially true for those of us working in the medical field. Color-coded scrubs and or caps will save you time each morning as you’re preparing for your shift. You’ll have only one color to choose from! You never have to stand in front of the closet, worrying that you’ll regret wearing your outfit of choice.

One color means one less decision- and that makes a huge difference when you’re running on fumes, doesn’t it?


When multiple departments mingle on the same floor, hospital guests can have a difficult time discerning who it is that can help them. The most influential benefit to color-coded scrubs is that they provide a clear divide between departments. Patients, guests, and even coworkers will be grateful for the extra touch of clarity!

In an age of constant motion, constant hustle, relax into a pair of Blue Sky scrubs. To place an order of our luxurious, customizable medical uniforms, visit our website today! We’re certain you’ll find exactly what you’re searching for.