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Are You Wearing the Right Nursing Shoe?

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Could it possibly be time to replace your nursing shoes? Blue Sky Co. is fully aware that in this profession, you’re on your feet a lot, and there’s no stopping you! So let’s make sure your feet are well-protected, supported, and well, stylish too! Here are three things you should look for in a nursing shoe. Keep these things in mind for the next time you go shopping!


First of all, you’re going to want your shoes to be comfortable, no? It’s one of the most important factors when looking for the right shoes for you. Try out runners’ shoes, as they tend to have the whole package: comfort, grip, and plenty of support! Just make sure that the shoes you try on in the store are comfortable to you!


The next thing you want to focus on is grip. In your profession, we understand that you’re walking (speed walking, if we may) on slippery flooring, and turning corners at a rapid pace! That’s an important thing to consider while you’re shoe shopping. So find a shoe that has adequate grip, especially to avoid slipping and falling.


The final thing you should look for in your next pair of shoes is support. We say this for most of the same reasons we’ve provided above: you’ll need to turn corners quickly, move quickly in general, and you’re going to need adequate support from your shoes! Make sure you find that in a good, stylish pair of nursing shoes.

Find all of these things in a great looking pair of shoes, and you’ve got everything. Next, pair your shoes with an excellent, revolutionary set of Blue Sky scrubs! You can find our scrubs online; log on today and view the entire collection! You’re bound to find everything you need. 

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