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Bright Summer Graphic Scrubs Tees For Medical Professionals

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With the weather heating up, it's time to dress for the heat. That goes for medical professionals too. You might want to put away your lab coats or jackets for now. Today, let’s take a look at some of our stylish, comfortable vintage graphic tees that are perfect for the Winter weather. They’re also excellent scrub companions to wear as base layers, so wear them with your scrubs or separately, and you’ll be super comfy either way.

Love Life Baseball Tee

Don’t like wearing short sleeves? Try out the baseball tee design. The Love Life Vintage Baseball Tee is a stylish and super comfy choice, and still nice and cool even with long sleeves. For a more simplified look, this tee has a small graphic design on the chest of the shirt, rather than the large, centered graphic like some of our other tees. A white tee with stunning navy-blue sleeves, this one is almost too good-looking to cover up! But if you do, it provides a comfy base layer under your scrubs.

Good Times Graphic Tee

This vintage, heather grey graphic tee will kick any outfit up a notch. Its relaxing fit and gorgeous blue design on the front that says “Good Times & Healing Vibes” makes it a great choice for a casual day out. Or if you choose to wear it underneath your favorite scrub set, its lightweight and soft fabric will help you feel great and perform your best!

Make It a Swell Day Baseball Tee

Show your Blue Sky pride in this comfy baseball tee! It has a similar design to the Love Life Tee, except it has light-grey rather than navy blue, and it has a larger graphic that says “Make It a Swell Day” and “Blue Sky Scrubs” at the bottom.

Radiate Positivity Graphic Tee

Lastly, we have the navy blue Radiate Positivity Tee, which is sure to be comfy and super stylish with its graphic depicting a sunset that says “Radiate Positivity”. To check out all of the amazing vintage graphic tees, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

Comfortable, Stylish, Lightweight Scrub Pants For Men

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11 Must Haves For New Nurses

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How These Special Scrubs Resist Bad Odors

Nobody who works an active, physically demanding job will tell you that their clothes smell great after a long shift. For medical professionals, dealing with bad odors in your scrubs is just another aspect of the job. But with Blue Sky Scrubs, it doesn’t have to be that way. We have specialty scrubs made with powerful [...]

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How Your Shoes Affect Your Comfort At Work

Medical professionals work hard to keep others healthy and comfortable. But far too often, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals neglect their own comfort while they’re working. There might just be one aspect of your outfit that contributes to your discomfort more than you realize; your shoes. Something as simple as having the wrong size [...]

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3 Colorful, Comfy, Luxurious Face Masks From Blue Sky Scrubs

Covid-19 is still with us, and that means you still need to be wearing your scrubs mask, especially as a medical professional. But your face mask doesn’t have to be bland, boring or uncomfortable. Here are some Blue Sky Scrubs face masks that look great when paired with your favorite scrub set!Luxurious Face MasksAll of our masks [...]

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This Combination Of Scrubs Will Improve Your Workday

When you work in the medical industry, the most important thing for your work performance is comfortable scrubs. What you wear to work can make all the difference in how you feel, and how you perform at work. When you’re running through busy halls and tending to patients, you need to have scrubs that feel great to [...]

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3 Reasons You Need This Luxurious Scrub Set

Having the right set of scrubs can mean comfort and good work performance, but having an uncomfortable set of scrubs can make your work shift that much harder. Let’s take a look at a Blue Sky Scrubs classic, the Grey Label Shelby Scrubs, to see if they’re right for you. Here are three reasons these scrubs may [...]

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How To Keep Bad Odors Out Of Your Scrubs

As a medical professional, you do hard work every day for the sake of others, and we can’t say enough how much we appreciate what you do! Your hard work shows, and unfortunately it shows on your scrubs sometimes too. But here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we want to make sure you stay clean and fresh for [...]

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