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Introducing The Perfect Set Of Summer Scrubs

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Summertime is here! That means sunshine, beach days, cool drinks and a colorful wardrobe to fit the season. Have you gotten yourself a set of summer scrubs? If you work in the medical industry and need a stylish, colorful and lightweight set of scrubs to complete your perfect summer wardrobe, what you’re looking for is the brand new Summer Fun Scrubs from Blue Sky.

A Summer Twist On Classic Scrubs

For the Summer Fun Scrub collection, we took everything that medical professionals love about our Classic Shelby Scrubs, and added a twist of bright summer colors! Just like the Classic Shelby Scrubs, the Summer Fun Scrubs have a relaxed, lightweight fit. They’re made with the same amazing fabrics as the beloved classic scrubs. They’re made of a perfect blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, meaning they’ll resist shrinking in the dryer. And to help you look your very best in these scrubs day after day, they’re also wrinkle and fade resistant! Each set has a chest pocket with white stitching and two sizable back pockets.

Five Fun Styles

Now that you’ve seen what these scrubs have in common with the Classic Shelby Scrubs, let’s talk about what makes them unique. Each one of these stylish scrub sets was designed with summer in mind. Let’s find out which style of these Summer Fun Scrubs fits you best!

Seraphina Strawberry - Splash into summer with this strawberry scrub outfit! Match the sensational top with gorgeous strawberry pants complete with a metallic teal, strawberry and light pink striped tie.

Chloe Jade - Imagining you’re sipping on a margarita with a splash of lime? Us too! This tangy lime green scrub outfit will bring a refreshing energy to your look.

Marisol Gold - Have fun in the sun with this bold and bright yellow scrub outfit, accented with a brilliant blue sky striped tie on the pants.

Zoe Emberglow - Like a beautiful sunset on a warm summer day, this striking coral scrub outfit is contrasted by a turquoise, sparkly coral, and metallic pearl striped tie.

Sun-Kissed Scarlet - This candy apple red scrub outfit complete with an irresistible neon orange, light pink and metallic light pink striped tie is a sure-fire way to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

To check out all of these bright summer scrub creations, and everything else you need to complete your medical wardrobe, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

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