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Our Infamous Bradford and Preston Lab Coats

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If you’re looking to replace your lab coat, or purchase a spare, you’ve come to the right place! Blue Sky Co. has two fantastic lab coats to offer: the Bradford, and the Preston. Each is unique in its own way, and we’d love for you to try them out! Here’s a bit more information regarding these beautiful coats! We also design awesome stretch scrubwear and classic cotton scrubs in tons of colors. 

The Bradford

Simply put, the Bradford lab coat looks just as good as it feels. You’ll know it the moment you slip it on. It’s made out of unbelievably soft, 100% cotton twill! When it comes to fabrics. You know we go big or go home! You’ll be gloriously comfortable and you’ll never want a different lab coat ever again! Once you go Blue Sky Co., you can’t go back to other brands!

The Preston

Take on the work day wearing the Preston coat and you’ll know immediately what all of the fuss is about! This coat has everything you need from the Bradford coat with one minor detail that really makes a world of difference: a grey trim. It makes the coat pop! It makes you look professional! You’re bound to love the Preston coat by Blue Sky Co..

Friends, we really can’t suggest a better lab coat to suit your needs. These coats have everything you need to bring on the work day, and they’ll keep you comfortable for many shifts to come! We can say the same thing about our medical scrub wear, scrub caps, and accessories. Each are made with diligent care and it really shows! Awesome scrubs for awesome people

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe today, you can easily head on over to our website and view our stunning collection of lab coats, medical scrubs, and scrub accessories! You’ll love perusing our selection, we’re certain of it. So happy shopping! Check out our stretch scrubs, classic scrubs and our other accessories

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