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Can Your Scrub Color Affect Your Patients?

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You’ve seen many patients throughout your days in the hospital, in various moods, pain levels, etcetera. Have you ever entertained the idea of your scrubs having an impact on the moods of your patients? At the very least, they can become a true conversation starter! But today we’re going to go over a few different colors, and explain what kind of vibe they could give off that may help your patients!


Let’s start with something rather basic: the color black. Now, if you’re wearing black, you automatically appear more confident; it sends off signals of authority. This color could definitely help your patients feel more confident if you’re wearing it when you see them!


Lilac or lavender are perfect colors for your scrubs because they’re so soothing. Obviously our patients need that side of us, right? So sport this color to work and enjoy comforting your patients- and even your coworkers.


The color yellow exuberates happiness and cheerfulness! Could we ever get enough of that- especially while we’re at work? Certainly not. Throw on Blue Sky Co.’s Marisol Gold and you’ll look and feel fabulous!


Jade is a light green color that is soothing, just as lavender is. We recommend sporting this color if you’re out to soothe and comfort your patients. We sure do hope it helps!


We like to talk about this color because it reminds us so much of our hearts, and we know: this line of work takes a lot of heart! This color also gives off a confident, and nurturing vibe. Who knows? Maybe you’ll rock it! Maybe it’ll become your new favorite scrub color.

Whether you’re looking to start your medical scrub wardrobe or you’re needing to spruce it up with an accessory, head on over to Blue Sky Co.. Our scrubs are simply amazing in the way that they fit, the way that they feel, and of course, the color options and customization choices

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