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Lab Coats and Accessories From Blue Sky Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we want all of our customers to feel as comfortable as possible in their medical scrubs, and have an appearance that makes a lasting impression. That’s why we make more than just regular medical scrubs! We’ve also got lab coats and accessories to complete your outfit for maximum comfort and style. Let’s discuss some of our lab coats and accessories.

Lab Coats

A lab coat is not just something to accessorize your outfit with, it may also be essential to keep you warm, especially if you work in a particularly cold hospital or other medical facility. Our Preston and Bradford lab coats for women are made of 100% cotton, so we know they’re going to feel great when you put one on! They also have Teflon Protection Technology, which means they can repel and release any stains, keeping your clothes fresh and clean all day long! If you visit the Blue Sky Co. website, don’t miss your chance to order one.

Scrub Hats

Our Blue Sky scrub caps are ready to top off your outfit with the right customized look for just you, since our women’s scrub caps have hundreds of style and color options to choose from, and our men’s scrub caps have dozens! We know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, and it’ll be extremely comfortable and machine washable for your convenience!


Lastly, the lanyard is a great way to accessorize your outfit with a pop of color, since there are many options for styles and color. You can match them with your scrub top, lab coat and scrub hat to have your own customized Blue Sky outfit from head to toe! To get a lanyard, scrub hat or lab coat for yourself today, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website!

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