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More Than Scrubs: Lab Coats, Accessories, and Beyond

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Are you looking for more than just scrubs? Well you’ve certainly come to the right place! Here at Blue Sky Co., we offer medical scrubs as well as scrub accessories, such as lab coats, scrub caps, and even lanyards! Let’s dive into these accessories and see what Blue Sky Co. is all about.

Lab Coats

Blue Sky Co. has two different lab coats to offer for women: The Preston, and the Bradford. Each lab coat has the same perfect features, but the Preston coat is outlined in a beautiful grey trim.

These coats are supremely soft, and made out of 100% cotton twill! They’re also made with Teflon Protection Technology which repels and releases stains, keeping your lab coat looking bright white for many shifts to come. They have a european-inspired collar, and are all around stylish, comfortable, and professional!

Scrub Caps

Whether you’re looking for the Poppy, Pixie, or Pony scrub cap (or even a men’s cap!) you’re bound to find what you need at Blue Sky Co.. Each scrub cap is designed for a specific hairstyle and is guaranteed to fit you flawlessly. They’re made with the same luxurious fabrics as our scrubs and are of course machine washable for your convenience!


Lanyards: they’re not just for holding your keys and/or name tag. They’re also a great way to add a personal touch to your medical wardrobe. Our lanyards are available in dozens of different colors and designs; you’re certain to find one that suits your style! And what’s more? We also have a pair of matching earrings for each lanyard; you simply can’t beat it, friends! These accessories are the best.

So there you have it! We have more accessories than this, too, don’t forget! Just log online today to explore our collection of medical scrubs and accessories. We know you won’t be disappointed in what you find! 

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