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Stay Warm with Gear From Blue Sky Co.

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Are you looking for new ways to stay warm in your medical scrubs this season? While it hasn’t gotten too cold out yet, the temperatures will surely (hopefully) drop further, and soon! Why not gear up now so you’re ready for the chilly walks into work? Blue Sky Co. has three great options to share with you today.


If you’re looking for a form-flattering fit, you’ve found it here, with our Windsor Crewneck Long Sleeved Tee! This warm and cozy long sleeved tee is made from impeccably soft, flexible fabrics. It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% jersey spandex knit- maybe that’s why it’s so comfortable!

Softshell Vests

If it’s chilly but not too bad out, a vest could be the perfect layer to add to your wardrobe. Our Kensington vests are available in professional, trendy colors such as Navy and Eggplant. They’re incredibly soft, both on the inside and outside. These vests have a lightweight 3 layer bonded polyester shell that’s layered with microfleece, and fits relaxed! Simply put, it’s comfortable, cozy, and fashionable.

Softshell Jackets

Blue Sky Co. has several softshell jackets to offer, each expertly made to be soft, relaxed, and also weather-resistant. For instance, our flexible Chessington jacket is made with 4 way stretch fabric for ultimate mobility. The Oxford jacket is wind and water-resistant, but also lightweight and breathable. And finally, the Valentina jacket has all of these features combined with a durability you simply can’t beat!

So there we have it, friends! Blue Sky Co. wants to help you stay warm this season with our undershirts, vests, and jackets! We hope you love them just as much as we do. And as always, you can find these and far more of our collection by logging onto our website today. Go on, take a look around!

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