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Technical Scrubs 101: Dive Into Our Men's Medical Wear

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Our Technical Scrubs are truly one of their kind. Imagine this; activewear meets scrubwear. You read that right, our Technical Scrubs are so comfortable we compare them to activewear. Stitched together with lightweight athletic-fabric, you’ve never felt scrubwear so fine. Are you ready, guys? We’ve put together everything you need to know about wearing Technical Scrubs from top to bottom (pun intended):

Technical Tops

In creating our Technical tops, we envisioned athletic performance-wear that could also transform into work-wear, and so the Technical scrub line was born. With fabrics soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking, Technical tops have a modern fit with 4-way stretch for ultimate mobility.

Bending over, moving, and stretching is no problem in these scrubs!

Technical Bottoms

Technical scrub bottoms are equally as comfortable as our tops! These scrub pants are so comfortable that you will undeniably want to wear them after work (hey- we totally would!). Their fabrics are extremely soft and comfortable, not to mention, lightweight. You’ll barely feel them! Have you ever seen this in scrubwear before?

Purchasing from Blue Sky Co.

Our scrubs are superiorin many ways. First, they’re soft and incredibly comfortable. They’re lightweight and breathable. They’re made out of the world’s finest fabrics. They have plenty of pocket space, allowing you to store your personal items (including a secret pocket for special things like jewelry!). And it’s not just scrubs we offer; our scrub caps are definitely something to brag about. Available in dozens upon dozens of patterns and different styles to suit your hairstyle, these caps are bound to suit your taste!

Above all, our scrubs are customizable. From style, to pant length and top length, Blue Sky Co. lets you customize several different aspects of your scrubs. We just want you to feel your best while you do what you’re best at! So log on today to our website, view our collection, and make a selection that’s going to change your work wardrobe forever! 

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