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Wear Your New Scrub Cap In Style With Blue Sky Co.

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Here at Blue Sky, we want to make sure you look great and feel great in every pair of scrubs you put wear, that’s why we make a lot more than just standard scrubwear, we make unique scrubs made of the finest fabrics, and great accessories like scrub caps! To give your outfit some unique flavor and a pop of color, check out our stylish scrub caps. Let's take a look at some of our patterns here!

Cerchi Colorati

This vibrant, colorful pattern for your scrub cap is a deep midnight blue with a design that’s reminiscent of a ferris wheel or perhaps carnival lights. Bright colors like yellow, pink and green will look great against this scrub cap.

Coral Spellbound

This magnificent scrub cap pattern has a bright pink background and daring white geometric shapes that we know you’ll love.


The super-stylish Delmar pattern has shades of grey and green that collide in a mesmerizing and soothing way. It’s actually one of our personal favorite here at Blue Sky and we know it’ll be one of your favorites too when you see it match your favorite scrubs!

Lone Star State

Here comes the scrub cap that’s sure to bring out your inner texan! On it, you’ll see iconic texas images across a blue, cornflower background. You can get this great scrub cap for yourself, or for a fellow texan.

Promising Glee

This very bright and vibrant pattern is designed to bring a little bit of cheer into your everyday work life. The pattern of shades of pink and orange and flowers over a sky blue background is sure to put a smile on a few faces at work. To check out the Promising Glee for yourself, or any of the other scrub cap patterns listed here, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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