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Which Scrub Cap Suits You Best?

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Is it time to replace your scrub caps? Or perhaps it’s time to purchase your very first one! How exciting is that? Let’s take a look at all of the caps we have to offer here at Blue Sky Co., so that you know exactly what you need to purchase when the time comes!

Disposable Caps

We’ll start off with disposable caps! These caps are perfect for when you need something on the go, something you can simply throw away afterward! Although we know they’ll be tough to throw out, with how comfortably they fit. We offer disposable caps in both the Pixie and Pony style, and boy, are they similar to the caps they’re modeled after!

Men’s Caps

We. also carry scrub caps for men, and in fantastic prints and patterns, too! So if that’s what you’re looking for, have no fear. You’ll find what you need easily with us here at Blue Sky Co.!

The Pixie

For ladies, we carry the Pixie, Pony, and Poppy scrub caps. Each scrub cap is designed for a particular hairstyle. For instance, our beautiful Pixie cap is great for shorter (or pixie) haircuts. It has a flap in the back that will hold your hair down securely all shift long!

The Pony

You guessed it; this cap is perfect for the ponytail, or for longer hair in general! It’ll keep your hair safely out of your way while you do what you do best! And you’ll be thankful throughout your entire shift; we all know how annoying hair can be when you’re trying to focus!

The Poppy

Lastly, our Poppy cap perfectly suits any type of hairstyle. It’s our most versatile cap yet. It fits like a bouffant cap, and is super comfortable!

Head on over to our website today to place your order of the most comfortable, stylish, and durable scrub caps you’ve ever worn!

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