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Explaining Our Quick and Easy Return and Exchange Policy

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If you happen to have any questions about the Blue Sky Co. returns and exchange policy for scrubs or other medical wear that you’ve purchased, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we hope to answer all of your questions so that you have a good grasp on our convenient return and exchange policy so that you won’t have any issues going forward.

First and foremost, every single order we ship out comes with a return form for your convenience. Just fill out this form to begin the process for your return or exchange. So long as you fill out this form to go through with your return within the first 30 days after the original purchase, you’ll be good to go! The next step is to visit the Blue Sky Co. website and print the UPS prepaid label. With that label on your return, you’ll be able to just drop the package off at any UPS drop-off location near you. For all returns and exchanges, you won’t have to pay a dime on shipping.

When it comes to returning scrubs or other items from us, some stipulations may apply. Since these items will be used in clinical environments, no damaged, dirty or marked items can be returned.

If you did have to end up making a return on an item you purchased from Blue Sky, we’re very sorry that you weren’t happy with your order. We hope we can make it up to you by showing you what else we have to offer! We’re determined to finding the perfect scrubs for every medical professional! That’s why we even have custom scrubs that you can design yourself to make sure everything is perfect. To start designing the details of your own custom scrub outfit, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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