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Ready to Retire Your Favorite Scrubs?

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We all have to do it at some point… retire our favorite set of scrubs. They’ve served their purpose and kept us plenty comfortable throughout many shifts at the hospital. Now it’s time to use them for something else! That’s right! There’s no need to completely get rid of your scrubs unless they’re torn; even stained scrubs can be repurposed! We’ll show you how.

Bathing the Pets

Who wants to get mud and dirt all over themselves while bathing their animals? Not us! Trust Blue Sky Co. when we say that our old scrubs would be perfect for an occasion such as that. You can slip them over your street clothes and protect them from getting wet, or change into the scrubs altogether! Either way, you’ll stay cleaner, and your pets won’t be the wiser.

Cleaning/Chore Day

Is it time for chore day? Maybe some autumn cleaning? Throw on a set of old scrubs before you get started! Think about it: you won’t have to worry about cleaning chemicals staining your clothes, dust getting all over you, etc! When you’re done, just remove your scrubs and toss them into the washer with the rest of your laundry!

Painting/DIY Projects

Lastly, if you’re getting ready to paint… please use a set of old scrubs! Same goes if you’re prepping for a DIY project. There’s no need in getting paint or glue or other materials all over your street clothes! Just toss a scrub top over your regular top before you get started. It’s easy peasy!

Now that you’ve successfully retired your favorite scrubs, it’s time to find a new scrub set! Head on over to our website today to view what we have to offer. We have classic scrubs available in about a dozen shades, and plenty of accessories taboot! Just take a look. What could it hurt?

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