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Practicality Meets Scrubwear: Blue Sky Scrubs

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One of our favorite things about scrubwear is its practicality. As a medical professional visiting several patients throughout the day, constantly on your feet, needing to move, stretch, and bend in a matter of seconds; our scrubs are made just for you. One of our most recent lines is built for storage. For the professional who needs to access any of their things throughout the day- while still feeling comfortable and being able to move quickly. On today’s blog, we’re highlighting a few of our favorites!

The Piper Scrub Top

This scrub top was made to be yours! It has six pockets total; that should be plenty of space to store your personal items (especially when the top is paired with the Peyton scrub pants- which we’ll get to). This scrub top is also available in a wide variety of colors, from the professional Surgical Green, to Navy, Charcoal, and more!

The Peyton Scrub Pants

The Peyton scrub pants have a total of seven pockets on them, whereas the Piper scrub top has six. Either way, we believe that’s plenty of pocket space, especially when the two are put together! And like the Piper top, these pants are available in the same shades, so you can easily match your wardrobe! What’s your favorite scrub color?

Need Customization?

If you need different pocket placement, or anything altered on your scrubs (such as inseam length, top length, style, color, etc) Blue Sky Co. offers customizable scrubwear! Just let us know what you need; we’ll do our best to make it happen. We’re always here for our customers. You can count on that!

Blue Sky Co. is always working to make your dreams come true- at least when it comes to your uniform! You asked for more pockets! Here they are. We hope you love our Cargo scrubs just as much as we do! Go ahead and do some exploring on our website today! 

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