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How To Handle And Prevent Fading Fabrics

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When you’re wearing clothes that you wear to work nearly every day, you’ll want them to stay in great condition for as long as possible. All those vibrant scrub colors with your favorite patterns and designs look great when you first get your new scrubs- but how do you help keep them that way? What if they start fading? Many people would simply let them fade, throw them out and buy new ones, but here at Blue Sky, we want you to know how to prevent and handle fading fabrics for yourself.

Preventing Fading

Whether the scrubs in question are from Blue Sky or not, your first step should be reading the label carefully. Treating the fabric properly with the washing and drying instructions laid out by the manufacturer is the best way to keep your clothing, and especially medical scrubs, from fading. Pre-washing is very helpful and can keep the colors vibrant for much longer. When it comes to drying, there’s no doubt that the best drying method to avoid fading colors is line drying! It might seem like a little bit of a chore, but if you find a spot that gets some sunlight and you can hang up a clothesline, you’ll see how bright and colorful your clothes will stay!

Handling Faded Fabrics

If you’re trying to revive an already faded pair of medical scrubs- we’ve got some advice for you! If you soak your scrubs in salt water overnight before washing them, it may bring back some of the colors! For the best results, use about ¼ cup of salt water with your scrubs. White vinegar and baking soda may also help bring back some color. Try washing your scrubs with them (separately) to return some of the color to your outfit.

We hope this advice helps you keep your medical wardrobe colorful. We want all of our customers to look and feel great in their medical attire. That’s why we make the most stylish, comfortable scrubwear around! To check it out for yourself, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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