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Your Hunt For The Best, Boldest Set Of Scrubs is Over

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If you work in the medical industry, whether at a hospital or other medical facility, you, like many others, have probably been on a long hunt to find the best, boldest, finest scrubs available. Well we’re here to tell you that your days of searching are over! Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve got it all! We have scrubwear made of only the finest fabrics, made to keep you comfortable and look professional. Continue reading this blog to hear about just a handful of our amazing scrubs and what they have to offer.

Can’t Go Wrong With Classics

The very first generation of Blue Sky’s bold, innovative take on scrubwear was none other than our classic David and Shelby scrubs. To this day, they stand out as a staple to any medical wardrobe and are still very popular with our customers. And for good reason! These classic scrubs give you a relaxed fit with a professional look that you can’t ever go wrong with, especially with their signature white designer stitching. If you’re new to Blue Sky’s brand, we suggest starting with the David and Shelby scrubs.

Technical Scrubwear

These special scrubs are available for both men and women, and serve as a perfect combination of athletic wear and scrubwear. Their lightweight, comfy, stretchy fabric allows for easy movement all through your shift or when you’re working out at the gym. They’re also extremely comfy even if you’re not busy at all! Even when you’re just relaxing at home, you won’t want to take off your technical scrubs.

Scrubs For The Petite Wearer

Finally, for those of you who need a more petite fit, we recommend the Grey Label scrubs, which also have side slits at the hips for easy movement, and come in a wide selection of different colors.

There’s lots to see here at Blue Sky Co., and this blog barely scratches the surface! To check it all out for yourself, just visit our website and view our entire collection.

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