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Layering Like A Pro With Lab Coats and Undershirts

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If you’re familiar with the Blue Sky Co. brand, then you already know that we offer the most comfortable, stylish scrubwear made from only the finest fabrics available to help medical professionals like you feel great when you go into work. But, if you’ve only known about the scrub pants and scrub tops that we have available, then you’re missing out on a lot! When it comes to your needs for medical attire, you probably need quite a bit more than just the scrubs. If you need extra layers for warmth in your chilly hospital, or you just need extra layers so that you can have more pocket space, you should check out our lab coats and undershirts!

Lab Coats

Our Blue Sky lab coats are an excellent addition to any outfit to give you an extra layer of warmth, extra pocket space, and a stylish, professional appearance. Our Bradford and Preston lab coats make a perfect fit for any scrub outfit you wear, and they come with our special Teflon Protection Technology that repels and releases all stains to keep you looking flawless! The two sizeable pockets on these lab coats will help you carry around all the essentials you’ll need at work.


Now let’s take a look at our undershirts. We have several different options available for both men and women.

For Women- We have plenty of amazing, comfortable options of undershirts available, like the Aston Stretch Polo, designed with extra stretchiness to help you move around comfortable while you’re working. If you’re looking for something more focused on providing warmth, check out the Windsor Long-Sleeve Tee or the Tyler Hooded Long-Sleeve Tee.

For Men- If you’re looking for a comfortable polo undershirt, be sure to check out the Hampton Cotton Polo. For undershirts that provide more warmth, try out the Hayden Baselayer or Hudson Long-Sleeve Tee.

We hope this short guide has been helpful on your search for comfortable layers to improve your medical wardrobe. To see more of what we have available, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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