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Feeling Chilly? Warm Up With a Blue Sky Baselayer

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At Blue Sky Co., we understand that your work environment may be a tad chilly, and that can make you uncomfortable during your shift! That’s why we go to great lengths to provide you with adequate outerwear, as well as comfy baselayers that are bound to revolutionize your work wardrobe! Let’s take a glance at a few of our baselayers!

Cozy Baselayers for Women

We’ll start out with women’s baselayers! First, we have our infamous Tyler Hooded Long Sleeved Tee! The hood is an obvious bonus; who doesn’t like that extra coverage?

Coming up next is the Aston Stretch Polo. Now, this is no ordinary polo, friends. It’s soft, it’s stretchy, versatile, and perfectly layerable!

Last, but certainly not least, is Blue Sky’s Windsor Long Sleeve Tee! This is a staple for your wardrobe; everyone needs one. It’ll keep you warm and comfortable all throughout your shift!

Comfy Baselayers for Men

For men, we have four amazing baselayers. We’ll start out with the Hudson Long Sleeved Tee. It’s ridiculously comfortable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial!

You’re bound to love the Hayden baselayer. Whether you’re sporting it to work, or working out, it’s made to make you feel cozy and comfy!

Next, we have our stape: the Henley Stretch Polo. Available in both black and white, this polo is soft, lightweight, and looks great paired with our scrub pants!

Lastly, we have another staple, the Hampton Cotton Polo. It’s perfectly layerable, especially with how breathable it is! So wear it underneath your scrubs, or with a set of scrub pants on the weekends!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick introduction to what we have to offer when it comes to baselayers and undershirts! Blue Sky Co. has so much more where these came from, though, so be sure to log online today and check out the rest of our collection! 

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