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Plenty of Pockets: Scrubs Designed with Storage

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One thing we often take for granted; pockets. It might sound silly, but let’s really think about it: as a medical professional, how many things do you need on you at any time? From thermometers and popsicle sticks to pens and notepads- there are countless items you need to easily access throughout the day. Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve designed our scrubs with this in mind. Not only are they comfortable and luxurious, but they’re built with plenty of pocket space.

Piper Cargo 6-Pocket Scrubs

Starting with our Piper Cargo 6-Pocket scrubs, you can’t imagine more space or comfort in your work day. Stitched from our finest fabric, the Piper scrubs are flattering and comfortable. They’re even made with a secret zipper in the back- welcome to medleisure.

Peyton 7-Pocket Scrubs

Paired perfectly with our Piper scrubs, our Peyton 7-Pocket scrub pants are everything you’ve asked for- and more. Equipped with different styles, these pants are our most versatile pair yet. Turn them from flatterting, regular scrub pants to cinched joggers in a matter of seconds!

Technical Scrubs

Our Technical Scrubs are pretty much a blend between activewear and scrubwear (yes, they're that comfortable!)! They also have the most pockets, with one chest pocket, one secret pocket, and four pockets on the pants (front and back). They’re definitely designed to help you out!

Classic Scrubs for Women

Our Classic Shelby scrubs have four pockets total. There is one chest pocket, two back pockets on the pants, and of course our infamous secret pocket on the inside (great for holding jewelry on the job).


Blue Sky Co. allows you to customize your scrubs- this includes pocket placement. You can choose where your pockets are placed; what are you waiting for? There’s plenty of pocket space in Blue Sky scrubs! Log online today to our website, and explore our stunning collection of medical scrubwear and accessories. You’re certain to find something you either need or just have to have! 

Shelby or Simple Scrubs for Women: All You Need

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Made to Move: Stretch Technical Scrubs

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Beginning with Classic Shelby and David Scrubs

Let us introduce you to where our scrubs first began: the Shelby and David scrubs. Both were designed with you in mind, and of course can be customized to suit your every need! But we want to delve into the specifics of everything! So stay tuned, friends! Here’s a quick break down of our Shelby [...]

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