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Finding Medical Scrubs That Fit from Blue Sky Co.

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Finding medical scrubs that are both fashionable and fitting is not always easy. If you haven’t come across our scrubs before, we’re here to tell you a little bit about them. Our line was designed to fit anyone and everyone (and yes, we really mean that). That’s why we not only offer customizable scrubs (where you can alter things such as inseam length, pocket design, and pocket placement), but we also offer tall scrub pants!

Tall Classic Shelby Pants

We’ll start off with our Tall Classic Shelby scrub pants! These pants have the same classic fit and design as our Shelby pants, only they have a tall 33 inch seam. They fit relaxed, but they’re tailored in all of the perfect places. They have a comfortable drawstring waist, and feature our white designer stitching on the back pockets; this is actually how you can tell the difference between our Shelby pants and our Simple pants!

Tall Classic Simple Pants

Moving on, we also have our Tall Classic Simple scrub pants. With these scrub pants, it doesn’t matter how tall you are! You can customize them to fit you just right. And yes, they originally have the same 33 inch seam to them! These pants are made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton: the same super comfortable fabric blend as our Shelby scrubs. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease in these perfectly-fitting pants, that’s for sure!

Customizable Scrubs

As we’ve mentioned before, Blue Sky Co. gives you the option to customize your scrubs. What exactly does this entail? Well, on scrub tops, you can alter aspects such as top length, size, style, color, and stitching. On scrub pants you can alter the inseam length (although you might not have to if you’re purchasing tall scrubs), style, color, size, etc. There are plenty of options!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we know how important it is to wear scrubs that fit correctly. So go ahead; log online today to purchase your set of tall Shelby or Simple scrubs! You’ll love them, we’re sure of it! 

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