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Find a Use for Retired Scrubs

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Hey, check out those old, retired scrubs in your closet! How about we put them to use? That’s right, we said it. Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re all about finding different ways to utilize your scrubwear! You can really wear them out! Let’s talk about how.

Wash the Car

If you need to wash your car, why not wear a set of old scrubs? Soap, dirt, and grease would stay far from your regular clothes, and your car would get clean in the process!

Mow the Lawn

Gone are grass stains on the bottoms of your jeans! Wear a set of retired scrubs and you won’t have to worry about it at all! Except of course, grass stains on your retired scrubs. For this, we recommend reserving just one set for mowing the lawn!

Bathe the Pets

If your cat or dog needs a bath, it might be time to throw on some scrubs. They’ll keep your clothes clean and dry, and you can avoid any mud stains that may occur! Scrubs can be washed easily; this is only one great thing about them!

Clean House

Keep your street clothes clean while you clean house, by donning a pair of retired scrubs! Spilled bleach? No problem! Dirt, dust, and chemical stains? No issue. Your scrubs can take it. And some of these things can even be washed out when you’re finished!


Allow those old scrubs to absorb those soil stains, not your nice looking jeans! Gardening in medical scrubs is a great idea, as it keeps your street clothes clean. And if you’re wearing an old set of Blue Sky scrubs, we know they’re lightweight and breathable!

Of course, for a brand new set of scrubs, you can visit our website! Our scrubs are made from the finest fabrics found around the world- they will not disappoint you! Click here to see our entire collection

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