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3 Benefits to Our Finest Fabrics at Blue Sky Co.

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If you read our blog regularly, you probably hear us talk about our finest fabrics often. Today, we want to dive a little deeper and explore just how fine these fabrics are. They’re incredibly soft and flexible, and we’ve introduced a few new types in the past couple of years, so let’s jump on in!

Odor-Resistant Technology

Did you know that our scrubs are made with odor-resistant technology? It’s nothing but the truth! Our medical scrubs will keep you smelling and feeling fresh all throughout your shift. Made to repel moisture, you’ll definitely appreciate this technology, especially when the going gets tough while you’re on the clock. But if you’re wearing Blue Sky scrubs, you won’t even have to sweat it (literally)!

Medleisure Fabric

So, what is Medleisure fabric? Well, simply imagine your athletic wear meeting your scrubwear! Imagine how comfortable that would be! Well that’s what you’ll find in our Medleisure fabrics. They’re comfy, stretchy, and plenty movable. We think you’ll love these fabrics especially once you get to work in them!

Teflon Protection Technology

You’ll find this in all of our lab coats: Teflon Protection Technology. It effortlessly repels and releases stains, making cleanup a lot easier and less of a matter to worry about! Your lab coats will stay bright white, so much so that you’ll be impressed! This certainly makes our fabrics stand out from the rest on the market.

So there you have it: three perks to wearing Blue Sky fabrics! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed bragging about our lovely medical scrubs, and we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring them with us! If you’re interested, check out our collection today! Simply log online to our website, take a peek around, and get ready to upgrade your wardrobe to the latest, greatest fabrics! 

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