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Tips for Keeping Scrubs in Tip Top Shape

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Are your scrubs fading, or tearing at the seams? Are they wrinkled and unwearable- in need of replacing? Keeping your medical uniform in tip top shape is not only necessary for your type of profession, but also will help you scrubs to last longer- and you’ll look far more professional, too! Below we’ll list a few tips on caring for your medical attire so that you can look great and feel great!

Give Your Scrubs a Good ‘Ol Pre-Wash

Pre-washing your scrubs helps the colors to set in so that your scrubs will look more bright and vibrant. Use half a cup of vinegar in the load to sanitize them properly- we promise they won’t come out smelling like vinegar!

Only Wear Scrubs at Work

Wearing your scrubs only at work will help to preserve their fabrics. Retired scrubs, however, can be used at your disposal! They’re great for activities such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, or even bathing the dog!

Ensure You’re Purchasing the Correct Size

Wearing the correct size clothing helps to avoid tearing seams and stretching out the fabric. At Blue Sky Co., we offer the option to customize your scrubs so that you can make sure you have everything you need, and everything fits perfectly. We want you to love your scrubs, and for them to last as long as possible!

Remove Stains Rapidly

As soon as you spill something onto your scrubs, grab your stain stick or hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain! There’s nothing more unsightly than stained, discolored scrubs on the job- so get to it! You’ll be able to wear them much longer instead of having to retire them too early on.

Utilize Your Hot Iron

Sometimes our scrubs need a good ironing. Ironing helps them to stay crisp and smooth, preserves the fabric, and helps you look more sleek and professional! We also carry a collection of scrub hats.

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