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5 Ways to Accessorize Medical Scrubs

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While we love our medical scrubs and want everyone to be able to wear them, we’ve also created lines of accessories to perfectly complete each outfit. If you’re feeling stuck with the same ol’ scrubs, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for you. Check out today’s blog for a few accessorizing ideas to show off your personality and give your work wardrobe an added kick!

Wear a Baselayer

Baselayers and undershirts are perfect options for layering underneath your scrubs, or even for wearing during your time off! Our baselayers for both men and women are comfy, cozy, and fit to the T.

Wear a Decorative Scrub Cap

You have to wear them anyway, right? Scrub caps. Might as well make them festive, or spruce them up a bit by selecting one of our many patterns and prints. There are so many to go around that you’re bound to find a favorite!

Head Out in a Vest or Jacket

It’s almost time for outerwear, friends! Fall is here, and winter will be here before you know it. Place your order for a vest or jacket today! You’ll be prepared for whatever forecast comes your way, and you’ll look fabulous.

Find the Perfect Scarf

Yes, we also carry scarves! You can find them here. There are three different patterns, all of which you’re bound to love! We know we love them; that’s a certainty. So go ahead: choose your favorite.

Luna Scrub Leggings

Looking to spice things up a bit? Try out Blue Sky’s Luna Scrub Leggings! Sure, they’re not exactly an accessory, but they’re a great break from your usual scrub pants. Throw them on, and you’ll be ready for the weekend in no time!

And there we have it! Here are five great ideas for sprucing up your scrubs! But there’s never a wrong way to do it! You could also use jewelry or lanyards to express your personal style and give your uniform a nice touch

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