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What Do You Carry in Your Scrub Pockets?

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How many items can your scrub pockets hold? What do you carry in them? Do you have sufficient space? At Blue Sky Co., our scrubs have spacious pockets that hold all of your gadgets and gizmos, and maybe even a little more! We’re here to brag about our line of scrub wear and how we work hard to accommodate all of your needs… even when it comes to pockets!

Spacious Pockets on Blue Sky Scrubs

If you think you haven’t been wearing the correct brand all this time, you’ve come to the right place! Not only are our pockets spacious, but their placement is also customizable. We offer our customers the option to customize many aspects of their scrub order so that everything comes out just the way you want it!

Our classic scrubs have one chest pocket, and two utility pockets on the bottoms! That’s plenty of space to hold your keys, cell phone, prescription pad or stethoscope- whatever it is that you need to succeed!

Utility Pockets on Lab Coats

Our modern and professional lab coats have three pockets: one pocket on the chest, and two lower utility pockets. Pair a lab coat with your scrub set and you’ll have plenty of pocket space! And they’re not all about the pockets; these coats have a truly cutting edge design. With a european-designed white collar and fabric so soft it looks as good as it feels, you’ll love our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats!

A Refreshing Take on Scrub Wear

Order from Blue Sky Co. and you won’t regret it! Our scrubs are perfect for you; they’re comfortable, professional, and designed to fit you to the T! You can view our entire collection online, and fall in love. You’ll happily find vibrant colored scrubs, gorgeous patterned scrub caps, professional lab coats, and more!

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Medical Scrubs: Different Styles for Different Tastes!

We all have very unique likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences. Therefore it only makes sense that we have different expectations of our work uniforms, and clothing in general. But that’s what’s so exciting about medical scrubs these days! There are many different styles of scrubs, scrub hats, and lab coats to suit your preferences. [...]

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