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Blue Sky's Stylish Scrub Pants For Men

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If you’ve recently ordered a scrub top from the Blue Sky Co. website, why not get an amazing pair of scrub pants to go with it? Or maybe you just need new scrub pants because you’re old ones have become damaged or faded! In either case, we would love to show you our options for men’s scrub pants, and help you decide which one is right for you.

Gibson Technical Scrub Pants

Let’s start with the amazing Gibson Technical Scrub Pants. These are a match made in heaven with the Ajax Technical Scrub Top. When you pair them together, they create a perfectly stretchy outfit that allows you to move around however you need to when you’re working hard. That’s because they’re made with a blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex! Since we care about your style here at Blue Sky, they come in four amazing color options as well as four size options. These pants also have plenty of pocket space so that you can carry all of the essentials around with you as you work. Oh and let’s not forget, these fantastic scrub pants are sweat-wicking, so you can sweat in them and it won’t stay in your clothes! That makes these pants excellent whether you’re at work or getting a workout at the gym!

David Scrub Pants

For a perfect match with the David Scrub Top, and a classic Blue Sky look, pick the David Scrub Pants. These pants are perfectly tailored and guaranteed to be extremely comfortable. They also come in four size options and four color options for your convenience. And they’re also wrinkle and fade resistant, won’t shrink when you put them through the dryer, and they’re extremely lightweight since they’re made with 35% cotton. What’s not to love about these pants?

Custom Scrub Pants

The great thing about Blue Sky Co. is, if these options don’t meet your needs, you can just design your own custom scrubs on our website! To view and purchase the scrub pants listed above, or design your own, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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