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Layering Wtih Blue Sky To Stay Warm All Winter

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Winter’s still with us, but do you have the right outfit to handle it? Whether it’s outside in the snow, or just inside a chilly medical facility, you need a comfortable, warm outfit to get you through your day. On today’s blog, let’s talk about how Blue Sky Co. can help get you in the scrubs you need! We’ll take a look at cozy baselayers, classic scrub tops and softshell jackets. We have ridiculously awesome scrubs and scrub caps


The first step to an outfit that keeps you warm all day is of course, the baselayer. We’ve got a wide selection of base layer options for both men and women, so you should have no problem finding the right option that feels great every morning when you put it on before a shift. The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeved Tee and the Hudson Baselayer are some of the best options for keeping warm.

Scrub Tops

Your second layer, and the most essential part of the outfit, is the scrub top. Now when you look at our scrub tops online, don’t get overwhelmed! There are lots of options, but if it’s your first time buying from us, we recommend that you start with one of the classics. The Classic Shelby scrub top and Classic David scrub top are simple, comfortable and warm options that’ll look and feel great on you. With a base layer underneath and a softshell jacket on top, the cold weather won’t faze you a bit! Accessorize with our amazing scrub caps

Softshell Jackets

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our super-comfy softshell jackets to top off your outfit whether you’re going to work or going out on the town. Some of these special jackets are weatherproof, others are fleece-lined, but they’re all designed to look and feel fantastic! Order them on our website today and see the Blue Sky difference! Visit the Blue Sky Co. website here.

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