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Men's Jackets and Vests From Blue Sky

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Whether you’re warming up for the winter season or you just work in a particularly chilly hospital or other medical facility, you need something to wear over those medical scrubs that’ll keep you warm and comfortable all day long. So we’re going to be looking at our collection of jackets and vests for men, and once we’ve told you the details, you can pick one out for yourself on our website by going to the Men’s Outerwear page. We have tons of scrub accessories

Highland Stretch Vest

The first men’s outerwear we’re going to look at today is the Highland Stretch Vest. This is definitely the choice for anyone who prefers to not have the sleeves of jackets covering your arms while you work. This vest allows you to move your arms around freely while still keeping you as warm as you need to be. The material of the vest is soft and stretchy, optimizing your comfort and movability while you’re in it.

Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket

Next, the Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket, which gets its name from the stretchiness of it’s 15% spandex, making it ultra-versatile and perfect for a long shift, wearing to the gym for a workout, or even wearing outside! This jacket has moisture-wicking power, so you can sweat in it as much as you need to and the sweat won’t stay on you or cause any discomfort. And if that wasn’t great enough already, this jacket has two large bottom pockets and one chest pocket to make sure you always have enough space for your belongings whether you’re at work or working out.

Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket

Our final jacket, the Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket, may be lightweight, but it keeps you warm and comfortable in any weather, and it also resists wind and water! Just like the Aspen Stretch, this jacket has two large bottom pockets and one chest pocket.

Now that you’ve read all about your options, be sure to visit the Men’s Outerwear page of our website and order your vest or jacket today!

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