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All The Pocket Space You'll Ever Need: Cargo Scrubs

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So you’re a medical professional looking for the perfect pair of scrubs. You want to find something with super comfy, lightweight fabric and plenty of gorgeous colors to choose from since you want to be in style of course. But what if you also want something with extra pocket space so that you don’t have to run back and forth to your locker throughout your shift? Well it turns out that we’ve designed the perfect pair of scrubs for you here at Blue Sky Co. Introducing the Cargo Scrubs.

Pockets Galore!

If pocket space is a top priority for you, don’t make the mistake of passing up these scrubs. When you put both pieces together, the Cargo Scrub Top and Cargo Scrub Pants, you’ll have a total of thirteen pockets! With that much space to carry your phone, keys, wallet and whatever else you might need, there’s no way you’ll run out of room. Say goodbye to those days of running back and forth to your locker!

Colorful and Stylish

Surgical green, black, navy blue, wine, these are just some of the colors you’ll be able to choose from with the Cargo Scrubs. If you were thinking we gave up style for practicality, think again! These scrubs are extremely useful, but we also wanted to make sure you look and feel great when you wear them.

Amazing Fabrics

Just like all of our other amazing scrubs and accessories, we use only the finest fabric materials to make them, and you’ll definitely feel what we mean when you put on your new Cargo Scrubs. They’re 94% polyester and 6% spandex, which gives them a fantastic stretch that allows you to move around comfortably and stay active, even if you’ve got all kinds of stuff in your pockets weighing you down. We know you’ll be satisfied with the feel of the scrubs right away.

The Cargo Scrubs are amazing, but we know you probably need more for you medical wardrobe than just those. If you’re looking for anything else like lab coats, base layers, jackets or vests, scrub caps or compression socks, come visit Blue Sky Co.

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