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Affordable Scrubs For Medical Professionals on a Budget

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Blue Sky specializes in designing all sorts of scrubs outfits. We use only the finest materials to make our scrubs, but even with such high quality products, we do everything in our power to keep our items affordable for all medical professionals on a budget. On today’s blog, let’s talk about some of our most affordable scrubs for medical professionals on a tight budget. These scrubs are just $10 each!

Women’s Urban Scrubs

First off, we have the women’s Urban Scrub Top, which is well-known for its signature pocket stitching design, and even more for just how amazingly comfortable it is! The hemlines on this scrub top are finished with gorgeous white accent stitching, and it has side slits at the hips for easy movement, like many other popular Blue Sky scrubs. Feel free to use the washer and dryer all you want on this scrub top, since it's also wrinkle and fade resistant.

But don’t stop at just the Urban Scrub Top, make sure to match it with the gorgeous Urban Scrub Pants! These pants have two large back pockets with the same beautiful white stitching as the scrub top, and you can also count on them being comfortable and long-lasting, since they have the same wrinkle and fade resistance. Both the top and the pants come in your choice of color, either Slate Grey or Ciel Blue scrubs.

Men’s Sullivan Scrubs

We’ve got something great for the guys too! Men on a tight budget looking for something sharp to wear at work will love the Sullivan Scrubs. This lightweight fabric scrub top will feel and look great on you, and it comes in four different colors; Jet Black, Slate Grey, Navy Blue Scrubs or Ceil Blue. If you’re looking for the full outfit, be sure to check out the Sullivan Scrub Pants too! They come with the same color options and match perfectly with the top, and both are wrinkle and fade resistant. To check out all of our final clearance scrubs options, or the many other items we have available, be sure to visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

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