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Begin The Year With Group Scrub Orders

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New year, new scrubs? Can we make that a “thing?” We’re here for you, at Blue Sky Co., for all of your medical scrub needs (and more). We know how crazy the process can be to group order scrubs for your hospital or medical facility so we’ve tried to make things a bit more simple for you. Today on our blog, we’re covering group purchasing and ordering and what makes our Blue Sky scrubs so unique.

What are Blue Sky Scrubs?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? We strive to make Blue Sky scrubs the most comfortable, modern, and stylish medical scrubs you’ve ever come across. And that’s not all we offer; we also have scrub accessories like surgical caps, lab coats, jackets and vests, and more! You can find all of that and more on our website.

The Group Ordering Process

Here at Blue Sky Co., we like to go about things the professional way. We want to provide you with the highest level of customer service available. Therefore, we’ll assign a corporate account specialist to your order to make the process go by as smooth as ever.

Perks of Blue Sky Scrubs

Certain scrubs, like our Sadie tunic scrub top for women, are not only comfortable and practical, but they’re extremely fashionable as well. This particular top pairs extremely well with our Luna Scrub Leggings and you’ve got yourself a complete medleisure outfit! Mixing professional with comfortable and you’re covered in all the right places. We also have lab coats made with Teflon Protection Technology that repels and releases stains. In addition to all of this, our scrubs are made with most luxurious fabrics out there; you’ll love how you feel in them!

Blue Sky Co. is excited to bring you the medical scrubwear that you’ve been waiting for all along! And don’t forget: if you need to purchase in bulk for your hospital, we’ve certainly got you covered.

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