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Scrub Caps for Men: Choose Your Favorite Pattern

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Are you ready for a new go-to scrub cap? A new favorite? Here at Blue Sky Co., we have plenty of patterns for you to choose from! Let’s take a look at five of our favorites. But in all honesty, we think any cap would suit your style. They’re all professional and OR Compliant; you’ll be rocking work in style!

Dante Plaid

This pattern is a great one to start off with. It’s the perfect plaid pattern of colors like Royal, Scarlet, Hunter, and White checkers! It’s a classic, if you’re into plaid. Get this scrub cap today; maybe it’ll become your favorite!

Vinebrook Glen Plaid

Moving on, we have our Vinebrook Glen Plaid scrub cap! It looks just like denim and will match any color scrubwear, from Navy, to Slate Grey, to Jet Black. No matter which style you sport, you’ll look fantastic wearing this scrub cap. That’s a definite yes.

Back Bay Stripes

Next, we have the Back Bay Stripes pattern, named (of course) because of its stripes! They may be faint, but against this Periwinkle canvas, you’ll find colors like Black, White, and Lemon. They perfectly accent this scrub cap. Pair it with a set of Ceil Blue scrubs and you’ll be good to go!


Are you a football fan, or is your patient? You might need to add this cap to your collection. Against a Navy Blue backdrop, you’ll find helmets in colors such as Cream, Black, Teal, and Cornflower. Are you ready for some football?

Wave Catcher

While we’re talking about hobbies, if you’re a surfing fan, you’ll love this cap. Wave Catcher is the perfect pattern for those who like to catch some rays… from their surfboard! Against a brown canvas, you’ll find surfboards in bright colors such as Maize, White, Brown, and Blue!

We hope you’ve found your new favorite among these caps! We know we certainly have. 

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