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Medical Scrubs that Repel Moisture: Let's Get Technical

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Have you ever heard of scrubwear that repels sweat and other moisture? Just wait, we’ve got to tell you about our Technical Scrubs. Whether you’re working up a sweat hustling around the hospital or it’s just a warmer day, this fabric actually repels moisture. From sweat to any other fluids you may encounter throughout the day, these Technical Scrubs are perfect for the busy medical professional.

Our line of scrubs includes something for both men and women in various styles. Whether you want a more sporty-style or you’re looking for something more form-fitting, we’ve got something for everyone.

Technical Scrubs for Women

Let’s take a look at our Emerson Technical top and our Riley Technical pants for women! Both are super soft, flexible, and tailored to perfection. They’re perfect for work, or even for working out in. If you want to get down to the specifics, these scrubs are made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex- that’s where the stretch comes from, for sure. We’re certain you’ll love sporting these scrubs!

Technical Scrubs for Men

For men, Blue Sky Co. has the Ajax Technical scrub top and matching Gibson Technical scrub pants. These are most likely the most comfortable scrubs you’ll ever find. These scrubs’ fabrics are made out of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, so they’re a tad more stretchy than women’s Technical scrubs. And they’re so movable that you can bend, squat, and lean in any direction without constraint.

If you’ve yet to try out Blue Sky scrubs, we’ve got to tell you that you’re missing out! Log online today to view our entire, extensive collection of medical scrubwear, and scrub accessories, too! From lab coats, to lanyards, and beautiful scrub caps, we have it all! You’re bound to love what you find here at Blue Sky Co.. 

Learn All About Our Sadie Tunic Scrub Top

At Blue Sky Co., we try to set ourselves apart from other companies selling you scrubs and scrub accessories, by focusing on making every item and outfit super comfortable and practical for your needs on and off the clock. We’re very excited about our new medleisure fabric, so today we’re going to tell you all about [...]

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Customized Medical Scrubs Just For You

Have you ever needed something more out of your scrubwear, but weren’t able to find it, or alter them correctly? Do your scrubs just seem to not fit right? Here at Blue Sky Co., we definitely understand the struggle! That’s why we allow you to customize your scrubs to suit your every need. You can change things [...]

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Scrub Cap Patterns for the Holidays Blue Sky Scrubs

We don’t mean to surprise you, but it’s November, which means the holidays are right around the corner! The holidays are a great time to give the gift of a scrub cap, or to even purchase one of your own. Blue Sky Co. has numerous festive patterns available; let’s check out a few and see [...]

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What Is the Pony Scrub Hat?

For over ten years, Blue Sky Co. has been committed to providing comfortable, quality, and stylish scrub tops and bottoms for men and women in the medical field. But did you know that our company began with the Pony Scrub Hat? When we started our business, fashionable scrubs were not exactly a thing, but we [...]

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Do You Make Disposable Scrubs?

For over ten years, Blue Sky Co. has been committed to providing comfortable, quality, and stylish scrubs for men and women in the medical profession, including scrub caps and disposable scrub caps.Blue Sky’s Disposable Scrub CapsOur disposable scrub caps are made in the same modern, stylish designs as our fabric version, the Pony Scrub Cap for [...]

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Pretty in Pink: Dressing for Valentine’s Day By Blue Sky Scrubs

Put away your Christmas decorations, and think pink! Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to miss the only time of year when you can get away with wearing as much (or as little) pink as you like. Here are some ideas for how to give your work uniform [...]

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Blue Sky: How Long Should Scrub Pants Be?

Finding scrubs that have you looking and feeling professional and stylish can be tough! When selecting the right fit for your scrub pants, you might have to try on several pairs before you find the perfect match. Consider the following tips before you begin your search—and hopefully you’ll save a lot of time shopping. For scrubs [...]

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How Comfortable Is Your Scrub Uniform?

Much to the delight of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel around the globe, there are numerous options available for scrub uniforms that aren’t just durable and efficient- but fashionable, too! Dressing well to work may boost our confidence and keep our productive juices flowing… but comfort remains a priority, especially throughout these long, demanding [...]

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Styles You Won't Want to Miss This Season

Let’s be honest with each other. Scrubs? It isn’t just the television show you watch on rerun when you can’t fall asleep during the day (gotta love those graveyard shifts) and they aren’t just things you wear to the hospital. You wear them to work. You wear them before work. And after work. And at [...]

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