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The Convenient Return and Exchange Policy From Blue Sky Co.

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Sometimes, when your order doesn’t go exactly the way you’d like, you may unfortunately have to return or exchange an item. Here at Blue Sky Co., we do everything we can to make sure your order shows up perfect the very first time, but in case it doesn’t, here’s what you need to know about our return and exchange policy.

We don’t want you to have to go through a long process or wait on the phone with anybody just to find out how to return your item. Instead, every single order we ship out contains a return form, so that it’s easily available if something shows up incorrect. If you need to return the item, just fill out this simple form within thirty days of the original purchase and you’ll be good to go! Then go to our website and print the UPS prepaid label that’s available there, with it, you won’t have to pay a dime for the shipping. Just take it to any local UPS drop off location and it’ll be returned to us shortly!

Damage, Wear & Tear

Since the items you’ll be returning are meant to be used in hospitals or other medical facilities, some stipulations do apply to the returns. The clothing must be in good condition with no damage, tears or dirt. Also, any scrubs with custom markings that you’ve put on them will not be able to be returned. So when you’re returning something within thirty days of the original purchase, just make sure its in good condition.

If you’re reading this because you do have to return something, we’re sorry to hear it. We want you to get exactly what you’re looking for, at a fair price and with simple shipping. That’s why we make our scrubwear from only the finest materials available, we want you to love it! To check out our scrubwear and accessories, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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