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Keep Warm this Winter with Extra Layers!

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Whew, it’s wintertime and therefore- time to bundle up! It can be horribly uncomfortable to walk into work when we’re not wearing the proper winter attire, or layering our scrubs properly. So warm up with an undershirt, polo, or jacket from Blue Sky Co.! Let’s take a look at all three categories and see what Blue Sky Co. has to offer!


Our Windsor Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee is perfect for layering underneath your scrub top! It’s the best addition to your wardrobe since your scrubs. With its luxuriously soft fabrics and stretchy materials, you’re certain to stay comfortable and warm in this tee. And it’s not too thick, so you won’t be uncomfortably warm.

Polo Shirts

You could also try one of Blue Sky’s perfect Polo shirts. Our Aston Stretch Polo is great for wearing with any pair of scrub pants, and can be worn leisurely around the house, too! It’s finished with traditional detailing, and has a modern fit to it. You’ll love wearing this polo either underneath your scrub top, or alone with your scrub pants!

Vests and Jackets

For really cold weather or chilly work environments, you can on try a softshell vest or jacket from Blue Sky Co.. Each of our vests and jackets were made with you in mind. They’re lined with microfleece to keep you warm, and typically have plenty of pocket space! So not only will you stay cozy, but you’ll have plenty of space for your personal items during work, too.

Blue Sky Co. is proud to go far beyond scrubs, to undershirts, to vests and jackets! We strive to bring you the best out of scrubwear. So this season, try out our scrubs, undershirts, and jackets and layer your scrubs! You’ll be amazed at how warm and comfortable you feel. We also have new stretch scrub jackets available in four colors. 

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