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Returns and Exchanges: The Blue Sky Way

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Do you need to make a return or exchange, but aren’t sure how the process works? It’s no biggie. We’re here to walk you through it. And we promise: it’s simple!

How to Make a Return/Exchange

As long as you’re within thirty days of your original purchase date, you’re in the clear. So to make a return or exchange, start by filling out the return form that was included in your order. And of course, if your form is missing, don’t panic; you can find one here. Next, you’ll need to print UPS prepaid label. Which can be found here. Don’t worry; shipping is free on returns and exchanges. Finally, box up your package and drop it off at any UPS drop off destination! That’s it, friends.

Stipulations on Returned Scrubs

There are always some guidelines and stipulations when it comes to returning scrubs. For instance, when it comes to Blue Sky scrubs, the scrubs must be in new condition, since they’re going to be worn in clinical environments. Also, embroidered or customized scrubs cannot be returned. If you’d like more detail, you can always visit our website!

Consider This…

Always consider ordering a set of customized scrubs if your scrubs just really aren’t working out for you! If you visit our customization page on our website, you’ll find that you can alter certain aspects of your scrubs, like inseam length, top length, pocket placement- and yes, there’s more. Ultimately, our goal is to outfit you in the best fitting scrubs possible!

If you’re looking for out-of-this-world comfortable, luxurious medical attire, you’ve come to the right place. From our scrubs to our return and exchange policies, we try to make everything hassle-free and easy on our customers! You won’t regret shopping with us. So go ahead; log online today to view our entire collection! 

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Accessorize Your Scrub Outfit Today

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