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3 Benefits of Wearing Disposable Scrub Caps

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Have you ever tried wearing disposable scrub caps? They’re great! At Blue Sky Co., our disposable caps mirror their parent caps so much that you might not want to throw them out at all! So they look great, feel great, and are great for sporting to work! Let’s take a look at three benefits of wearing disposable scrub caps.

They Look Just As Appealing

If you’re worried about the appearance of these caps, don’t be! Like we mentioned before, they look so much like their parent cap. The disposable Pixie or Pony cap has everything you need out of a scrub cap, so don’t fret! You’ll look just as great sporting this disposable cap as you would wearing a patterned Pixie or Pony scrub cap!

You Can Toss Them Out After Use

The best thing about disposable scrub caps is definitely their convenience! For instance, after you’re done using the cap, you simply toss it out! It’s gone! So if you’re in a rush and can’t find your regular scrub caps, disposable caps are definitely the way to go. They’ll be there for you in a pinch! And when you’re done doing what you do best, you can just toss your cap into the medical waste bin!

They’re Available at Blue Sky Co.

Yes, of course Blue Sky Co. carries disposable scrub caps! You can find them in the Pony or Pixie style. The Pixie cap is best suited for short hair, or pixie cuts, as its name implies. The Pony scrub cap best suits longer hair and holds a ponytail in place, and out of the way. Your hair won’t be any inconvenience at all, if you’re sporting these caps!

Blue Sky Co. is always looking for ways to revamp your wardrobe! Sometimes this means… disposable scrub caps! You guessed it. So go ahead; log online to purchase your box of disposable caps today! 

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