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The Most Impressive Lab Coats Around

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If you’re looking for a new lab coat, you’re not going to find a better coat than those at Blue Sky Co.! It’s the simple truth, friends. Our coats are so impressive that you’ll find yourself wearing them all the time, and even buying spare coats! We’d be willing to bet on it. Let’s take a look at the Bradford and Preston coats, and all that they have to offer!

The Bradford

The Bradford lab coat is made out of unbelievably soft 100% cotton twill. Let’s start there: with the fabrics! We know you’ll fall into this lab coat with ease! And caring for this coat is a breeze! It has Teflon Protection Technology which repels and releases stains, lessening the chance of a stain becoming permanent. Don’t worry; the Preston has that, too!

Let’s move onto the Preston lab coat!

The Preston

This coat is just like the Bradford coat, only it has a light grey trim to help it stand out! It looks beautiful. And we realize we’ve yet to mention pocket space for these wonderful coats! There’s plenty of it! You’ll find one chest pocket and two lower utility pockets for all of your personal items! We’re telling you, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Blue Sky Scrubs

When you purchase scrubs from Blue Sky Co., you can count on them being durable and long-lasting, but also amazingly comfortable and breathable (for scrubs). They’re easy to care for, as they’re machine washable and unshrinkable! But we always suggest line drying your scrubs to help them last longer, and also to help their colors stay bright and vibrant.

You’ll find what you need with ease when you shop with Blue Sky Co., that’s for sure! So go ahead; log online to our website today and find the perfect lab coat or pair of medical scrubs! 

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