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The Best Way to Treat Fading Medical Scrubs

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Fading fabrics is unfortunately part of the circle of life (when it comes to clothes). But we all know what a bummer it is when our favorite pair of scrubs starts to fade! That’s why we’re here to give you all the best tips and tricks when that fabric starts to fade on today’s blog. And remember, starting out with high quality scrubs is your best bet; (visit our website to view our collection of stylish and professional medical attire).

Avoid Using Fabric Softeners

Did you know that fabric softeners can cause your clothing to fade? It’s true! Avoid using these when laundering your scrubs, especially liquid fabric softeners. If you’re struggling with static coming out of the dryer, then try static-relieving balls! Yeah, they’re a little noisy, but you won’t be dealing with static anymore.

Line-Dry Your Scrubs

Line-drying your scrubs instead of putting them into the dryer keeps their colors looking vibrant, and their fabrics feeling crisp and professional. It’s tempting to put your scrubs in the dryer, we know; it saves time and you don’t have to deal with a clothesline- but, in fact, this could damage your scrubs in the long run. That extra effort you put into line-drying your scrubs is well worth it!

Press Your Scrubs

Grab that old hot iron you’ve been hoarding for so long, and let’s get ready to press our scrubs. Though you’ll have to put in a little bit of elbow grease, we think you’ll be plenty pleased with the results! What else is better than wearing a crisp pair of scrubs to work?

We’re proud to bring you the most luxurious scrubwear on the market. Check out our collection today and you won’t be disappointed. Our scrubs are comfortable, cozy, well-made, and designed to fit you perfectly- we hope you love them just as much as we do! 

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