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Check Out These 3 Great Women's Accessories From Blue Sky

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If you’re already a Blue Sky customer or you’ve visited the website and looked around before, you already know we have high-quality scrub tops and scrub pants available, made with only the finest of fabrics. You might even know that we also offer lab coats, hoodies, jackets and scrub caps. But beyond just the essential parts of your outfit that you wear to work, did you know that we have a variety of accessories too?

Trucker Hats

If you’re a hat wearer, you definitely need to check out our trucker hats! Or if you’re not a frequent hat wearer, but you want to try something new, give them a browse anyway! All of our trucker hats are 100% polyester in the front with a 100% nylon mesh back that makes them super comfy. And they’re all one size fits all! We have seven different stylish hats available on our website, so be sure to look at all of them!


If you need some extra warmth and comfort with a nice splash of color to really make your outfit pop, check out our scarves. We have three unique scarf patterns that we know you’ll love; the Camilla, Skylar and Logan. They all pair perfectly with jackets or scrubs for the perfect layering accessory.

Compression Socks

Our super-soft, knit compression socks are just what every Blue Sky girl needs to help you breeze through those long days. These socks are snug at the ankle but less and less compression applies as they go up your calf to your knee, helping keep your feet more comfortable all day long! And besides that, they look great and we have them available in all sorts of colors and patterns! To view our compression socks today, or our scarves, trucker hats or any other item, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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